Stainless Steel Clamp


Stainless Steel (SS) Clamp

As being reasonable service provider for the utility piping systems, we come to know the exact application significance of the component. To support the systems like dairy and mineral water, we fabricate best quality stainless steel components. We are marked as chief manufacturer and supplier of SS tri clover clamp, built with best grade stainless steel. We use SS 304, SS 316, SS 304L, SS 316L. it contains size variation, available 1” to 6”. It is built following ISO, IDF, SMS and DIN.

As the name suggests SS tri clover clamp is used to provide support to pipes and hoses. It contains fine adjustment to make it flexible and applicable to different diameter and capacities of pipes. It can be used in chemical usages. It can be used at high temperature in varied industrial applications. it is

SS Tri Clover Clamp

SS Tri Clover Clamp
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