PW and WFI Storage Tanks

An experience of more than one and half decade of dealing with the industries  like pharmaceutical and food processing and beverages has provide us  sufficient motive to hand over matchless quality service for fabrication and project management. We provide PW and WFI storage tanks designed and fabricated as per GMP guidelines. It is built as per ASME (BPE) requirement. Construction of tank is done by following ASME section VIII, div 1 standards. Tri Clover Silicone Ahmedabad.

It is a single or dual jacketed and limpet tanks available with proper insulation. It also contains stainless steel AISI 304 cladding. All wetted parts are made electro polished internally up to 0.4 Ra finish.

PW and WFI Storage Tanks

PW and WFI Storage Tanks
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We offer many choices for capacity. It is available with capacity range of 100 liters to 10,000 liters. Choices are given also for heaters. We provide electrical immersion heaters and ceramic heaters as per demand. In order to make sure minimum dead leg, it is provided with flush nozzles.
The robustness of tank can be defined with its accessory quality. It contains electrical heat traced vent filter housing with 0.2 micron hydrophobic vent filter.

We possess highly advanced in-house facilities including hydro test facility. Jackets are tested at up to 6 Kg/cm2 pressure and limpets are tested at up to 10 Kg/cm2 pressure.

  • Ball valves
  • Dynamic spray ball
  • Compound pressure gauge
  • Back pressure valve
  • Steam safety valve assembly
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Level controller
  • Level switch
  • Steam inlet valve
  • Rupture disk
  • Steam trap

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