Pipe Fitting Bend-Stainless Steel Fittings

We are considered as major manufacturer and supplier of SS fittings like various kinds of pipe fitting bends in India. We offer SS 45° bend, Stainless Steel Dairy Bend and other bends. Our pipe fitting bends meant to offer flawless presentation. With deep knowledge and unmatched field experience, we have correctly designed range of pipe fitting bends.

We also offer SS dairy bends that is used in different food and beverages production, processing and packaging units in Gujarat. Our SS dairy bends are available with the diameter of ½” to 6” and SS 45°stainless steel bends are available with ½”to 4” diameter.

Pipe Fitting Bend

Pipe Fitting Bend Manufacturer in India
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Our SS fitting bends are demanding in industries like beer, beverage, chemical, and food, pharmacy, dairy and cosmetic. Due to its long term service life it is highly preferred for fixing of new plants as well as for the replacement, for the plant’s maintenance purpose.

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