Orbital Welding

As being leading manufacturer of high quality SS fittings, Stainless Steel Fittings and service provider of loop piping and process piping, we provide highly precise orbital welding service with essential documents. Some manufacturing system seeks highly precise production and strict avoidance of all kinds of contamination. Orbital welding is vital to keep the system or production unit far from contamination. So it is used in pharmaceutical and food and beverages. It is also used in breweries and distilleries.

Orbital welding is one type of gas welding that believed highly precise and error less. It eliminates all manual errors normally occurred in welding.

Orbital Welding

Orbital Welding
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We are well known vendor for global standard tubing and piping and SS fittings. We possess microprocessor based welding machines that offer facility to acquire clear-cut weld documentation. It is preferred welding technique due to its optimum weld quality that is essentially help to maintain production consistency with respect to contamination.
Due to usage of genuine electrodes and other consumables, we can provide matchless quality service. Other required instruments used for the welding process contain world class technology. These instruments include flow measurement device, tube facing machine and other high quality equipments.
We also offer reasonable service of VIDEOSCOPY and BOROSCOPY. Videoscopy is modern kind of boroscopy with video recording or photography. Boroscpoe or videoscope is latest instrument that is used to inspect the internal surface of piping system as well as all weld joints. The orbital welding joints are to be inspected for the required documentation process.

In general practice boroscopy is done for about 10 % of all welding joints. In significant and decisive plant condition it is done for 100% of all welding joints.

  • Shows image with high resolution 
  • Facility to monitor by 360 degree surveillance.
  • explanation recording facility

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