Distribution Loop for Purified Water

Knowing each and every aspects of water distribution loop, we offer highly responsible service of distribution loop for purified water. Different size range is provided as per consumption. We offer such system with energy efficient and cost efficient variety. Understanding the need of operations, the system is provided with latest generation control system.

Water must contain turbulent flow in the system to eliminate the possibility of contamination. To maintain all criteria in certain instruments that are applied for the storage and distribution system for purified water, the system is designed with gradients towards the points of use that helps to make condition 100% drainable. There is no water retained in the loop.

Water System Piping

Stainless Steel PW Tank
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It is designed as per fluid mechanics technique. In the loop water circulates in the pipe with turbulent flow and minimizes the possibility of contamination. A qualitative range of variable speed drive is used for pressure probe, flow meter and pump.

Loop contains perfect insulation to lessen heat loss. SS Corrugated Flexible Hoses, SS scoops Manufacturer, Considering the temperature and avoiding the external corrosion of the pipe the installation is done with hex type sanitary pipe hangers covered with polymer material. All other necessary measures are completely fulfilled with highly professional manner. Only electro polished, seamless tubes are used. Options are available for outside surface finish that is mirror polish or matt finish.

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